A boy with 232 teeth in his mouth

For the first time in the world a 17 year old teenage boy, Ashik Gavai has found with 232 teeth in his mouth from India and the dental surgeons have been able to remove all 232 teeth in his mouth after the 7 hour operation.

Ashik Gavai, a boy with 232 teeth in his mouth

Before 18 months Ashik had been suffering from a pain and swelling in his right lower jaw. But the doctors in his village were not able to identify the cause to the problem with him. After that he was admitted to the J.J. Hospital in Mumbai and doctors diagnosed his problem as a complex composite odontoma where a single gum forms lots of teeth. Further doctors said that it’s a sort of benign tumour, and a very rare case too.

Teeth was put on display after the operation

Doctor Dhiware said that “At first, we couldn’t cut it out so we had to use the basic chisel and hammer to take it out. Once we opened it, little pearl-like teeth started coming out, one-by-one. Initially, we were collecting them, they were really like small white pearls. But then we started to get tired. We counted 232 teeth,” she added.

According to medical literature available on the condition, it is known to affect the upper jaw and a maximum of 37 teeth have been extracted from the tumour in the past. But in Ashik’s case, the tumour was found deep in the lower jaw and it had hundreds of teeth.

Further she said that she had not seen anything like this before in her30-year career but said she was thrilled to get such an exciting case.

Ashik Gavai with doctors after the operation

Ashik-Gavai after the operation

The surgery, conducted on Monday, involved two surgeons and two assistants.

Ashik Gavai has 28 teeth in his mouth now instead of 232.
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The World’s Ugliest Dog 2014 – Peanut

The annual World's Ugliest Dog contest was held during the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. In this year 2014 a Lovely Dog named Peanut was lucky to get the title as the world’s ugliest dog.


Prior to arriving for the contest, all the dogs must provide a veterinarian's paperwork asserting that they are healthy.  The World's Ugliest Dog Contest follows up with a vet check on-site just prior to the contest.  The Sonoma Humane Society is also on site with information showcasing adoptable pets. Contestants were judged for their "natural ugliness in both pedigree and mutt classes."


World's Ugliest dog Peanut with his owner

"Peanut is one of the ugliest dogs we have ever judged in this contest," said Judge Brian Sobel after declaring the winner's name.

The annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest is not about making fun of "ugly" dogs but raising awareness for adoption of dogs, and that no matter their physical detractions, these animals are lovely friends.

Peanut, the 2014 World's Ugliest Dog winner had been in a shelter for nine months before owner Holly Chandler fell in love and adopted him.


But for me Peanut is an adorable dog.

Below are the some contestant’s pictures who have participated for the competition.

A contestant of world's ugliest dog competiton

Another contestant of world's ugliest dog competiton

contestant of world's ugliest dog competiton

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World’s smallest waist holder (Living person) - Cathie Jung

This post is all about the World's Smallest Waist holder. The smallest waist belongs to Cathie Jung, 7o years old, USA and her tiny corseted waist measures just 15 inches (38cm) and Un-corseted, it measures 21 inches (53.34 cm), making her figure distinctly hourglass.

World’s living smallest waist holder - Cathie Jung

cathie who has a smallest waist

Cathie Jung's amazing midriff is not an outcome of any disorder. Rather, her figure is a creation of spending the last 25 years laced into tight corsets, which are removed, only when Cathie showers. Only when the weather is terribly hot, the corset is taken off for a short while. She has worn tight-fitting corsets for years to become the woman with the world's smallest waist.

Cathie Jung - living smallest waist holder

cathie- Jung

"I even have a special swimming costume with a corset sewn in it, so I can still go to the beach. And I am still able to do housework and I probably have around 100 of them," says the corset queen.

She is the mother of three children and married to Bob, an orthopedic surgeon.

The previous record holder was Ethel Granger, Chesterton who had a waist of just 13 inches. She died in 1982 and after that Cathie Jung could named as the World’s living smallest waist holder in the Guinness Book of World Records.

known as the worlds smallest waist - Ethal Ganger

ethel granger previous record holder
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Longest Female Legs - Svetlana Pankratova

A Russian woman, Svetlana Pankratova hold the title of having the world’s longest female legs by verifying as measuring her legs 132 cm, 4 feet 4 inches long according to Guinness Book of World Records.

Svetlana-Pankratova - longest female legs

Svetlana Pankratova, a 41-year-old a Russian native who has 4 feet 4 inches long legs of her 6-foot 5-inch frame. She was born on April 29, 1971, grew up in Volgograd in Russia and she was always a tallest one among others of her age since her childhood. But she never noticed about her long legs until she was a teen and it was a challenge for her to purchase clothes likes pants. She said that “I never thought about it when I was growing up, I just never paid attention to my legs”.

She contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to confirm the claim after showing the news story featuring a British woman who claimed to have the world’s longest legs for a woman by one of Svetlana‘s friend. “It took six years, a lot of documentation and plenty of emails and calls to prove that she had the longest legs. ‘It’s not like I was always on top of it”. She said.

World's longest female legs

World's longest female legs holder

Currently, Pankratova works as the assistant coach for the George Mason Mustangs, one of Virginia’s top girls’ basketball programs. The job is very much suit for her, who was a former member of the Russian national basketball team. She is really pleased with her job as she mentioned that, “It was great to get back to basketball and I really do enjoy it and it brings all the nice memories back and I just enjoy giving them what I know to help them any way I can.”

She is married to Jack Gosnell, whom she met while he was working as the U.S. General Counsel in St. Petersburg, during her basketball years.

svetlana-pankratova with a smallest man

Woman who has the world's longest legs sits for a photoshoot with the world's smallest man

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The World’s First Artificial Heart

Do you ever hear about the artificial heart that has been transplanting to a patient? Most of your answer will be “NO”. But after reading this article your answer for the above question will be definitely a “YES” as an artificial heart has been transplanted into a patient for the first time in medical history at Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris, France.

World's first Artificial-heart

The artificial heart weighs 2lb, three times the weight of a real heart and contains bovine tissue and sensors that adapt the blood flow. According to medics it would beat for at least five years. The device mimics heart muscle contractions and contains sensors that adapt the blood flow to the patient's moves.

The artificial heart is motorized by external, wearable lithium-ion batteries. Inside the heart, surfaces that come into contact with human blood are made partly from bovine tissue instead of synthetic materials such as plastic that can cause blood clots.

artificial heart

The artificial heart, developed with the help of engineers from the Dutch-based European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS). Further if it is made widely available it is predictable to cost about £150,000.

Auxiliary French medics said the anonymous male patient who received the device was awake and responding well after an operation. Surgeon Alain Carpentier who performed the implant, said: “It’s about giving patients a normal social life”. It will raise France’s reputation as a country at the forefront of medical innovation.

There’s no doubt with that incredible artificial heart, thousands of people all over the world can save their lives.

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Girl Born With Eight Limbs

A woman named Poonam Tatma gave an incredible birth to an astonishing girl who has four arms and four legs (8 limbs) and two torsos fused at the hips in bihar region of northeast India, in October 2005. A new born baby was named as Lakshmi as her picture similar to the multi-limbed Hindu goddess named Lakshmi, who is worshiped as a deity of wealth and good fortune.

Lakshmi - A Girl born with 8 limbs

A girl born with 8 Limbs

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Sharan Patil, owner of the Sparsh Hospital in Bangalore, travelled to Lakshmi's remote village in 2007 to meet the child and offer her parents the chance of a lifetime to operate on her for free. That was a Lakshmi’s parents a great relief. Dr Bhairoon Singh Bhati stated that "The biggest difficulty caring for Lakshmi is that she's a unique case, there's never been a child like her before so we have nothing to refer back to".

8 limb little girl lakshmi

After an incredible 27-hour operation, with the contribution of more than 30 surgeons Lakshmi could reborn again by leading to a normal life. After leading to typical life Lakshmi has started school Under Dr Bhati's guidance.

Lakshmi with her father

Her father Shambu, said, “I believe with all my heart that Lakshmi is indeed a goddess. The operation removed her extra legs so that she can lead a normal life but she is not a normal child”.

Her mother Poonam said that “When I think of the way she was, never in a million years would Lakshmi have been able to go to school or have the life she does today”.

What we can do for this amazing girl Lakshmi is wishing her a very healthy and joyful life ahead.

Lakshmi before and after the operation

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A Man Who Has a Nose Grown On His Forehead

Can you imagine a man who has a nose grown on his forehead? I don’t think you might have ever thought of it. But here’s a real man who had a new nose grown on his forehead.

A Chinese man, Xiaolian, went through a weird experience of having a forehead nose after having severely damaged his original nose in a car accident in 2012. Because the cartilage in the nose was destroyed, doctors found that it’s impossible to repair his original nose.


So that the doctors came up with the idea to grow the new nose by placing a skin tissue expander on his forehead to create the shape, and planted cartilage from his ribs to produce the structure under the supervision of Dr. David Cangello, a plastic surgeon at Lenox Hill hospital, New York. Dr. David Cangello stated that “We typically take cartilage from the rib, and we put it right where the nose structure would already be, and we bring the skin flap over it and cover it.” Xiaolian's new nose was created by medical staff at hospital in Fuzhou, Fujian province.

nose grown on his forehead

Shehan Hettiaratchy, who is a Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Imperial College, said that, "The forehead is a traditional place to get extra tissue from to rebuild a nose. The skin from there is a good match for nose skin. Most importantly, the forehead skin can be moved to the nose and keep its blood supply, which is essential otherwise the skin would die."

Doctors said the Xiaolian's nose will be most vulnerable during the 18 months after it is transplanted. But now his new nose is ready for transplant surgery in the near future.

Xiaolian - a new nose grown on forehead

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The Largest Natural Breasts in the World

The world’s largest natural breasts belongs to Annie Hawkins-Turner, Atlanta, Georgia, USA who has an under breast measurement of 109.22 cm (43 in) and an around chest-over-nipple measurement of 177.8 cm (70 in). Her chest weighs eight stone. She is 53-year-old and has a bra size of 102ZZZ because of that she is a celebrity in other countries due to her Guinness World Record-breaking breasts. Annie, who assumed her huge breasts, came as a surprise since her mum and sister didn’t have particularly big asset.

woman with worlds largest natural breasts
Largest Natural Breasts in the world - Annie Hawkins Turner

Annie said about her childhood as below.

“I never knew I was different. I was just growing up and I was just a regular girl around the neighborhood. “So I didn’t know I was different until I’d gone into the classroom and couldn’t sit at the desk. And when I went to gym class and couldn’t do two jumping jacks because of the flapping and the muscles on my back.” Further she said she got her first bra when she was ten.

Annie-Hawkins-Turner-largest breasts

She added “I was teased a lot. I was called fat. I couldn’t dress like other kids and the guys my age didn’t like me. Older men liked me because I was a young girl in an older woman’s body”.

She said “When I get out of bed I have to roll over so my breasts are hanging off the bed and I get up using my elbow instead of my back.  Even she driving a car she is not going to put on her seat belt because it's too tight across her breasts.

Annie when driving a car

She further added “When I go out of my house I have to think about what my day is going to be like and who is going to attack me today. Every day someone teases me that don’t know me. They make fun of me and there’s no reason. I’m human like everybody else. I’m just blessed in different ways than other people. It affects my son very badly because people stare.”
She said she finally actually learnt how to love herself and her size after meeting her late husband Alan. They were married for 13 years until he died six years ago and she had her children Darren and Clara.

She used her breasts to work topless on adult websites but insist she’s just fulfilling people’s fantasies and would never have sex on camera. She said “I’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t have sex on film. I never have and never will.”

She loves herself now and she’s never considered having her breasts reduced.  Her massive boobs are STILL growing.
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"Boo Boo", the World’s Smallest Living Dog

Almost all the dogs are smaller, when they are born. But here in this post I'm going to introduce you a fully grown dog, who is known as the world's smallest dog named as Boo Boo.

World’s smallest living dog – Boo Boo

Smallest living dog

Boo Boo, a female long coated Chihuahua, of just 4 inches (10.16 cm) tall and a weight of 1.5 pounds (675 g) has been titled the smallest living dog in the world by height by the Guinness Book of World Records.
Boo Boo’s owned by Lana Elswick of Raceland, Kentucky, United States. Lana Elswick said that Boo Boo was born in April 15, 2006 and she was the size of her thumb when she was born. Further she added "She has the attitude of a big dog she would let me know if anyone was around and she would try to guard me if she could". According to the Lana Boo Boo’s favorite food are Lays potato chips.

Boo Bo with his owner Lana Elswick

Boo Boo with tallest living dog

Boo Boo hasn't got much bigger since being born a year ago, weighing just 42.5 grams (1.5 ounces). So raising her would be a big challenge, she said. Boo Boo almost died twice. “So many little dogs get hypoglycemia,” Elswick said. “There’s a product called Pet Nutra drops and this is the stuff that brought her right back around. When you squirt this into their mouth it goes directly into their blood stream.”

However, Boo Boo could hold a big title as the world’s smallest dog which is much heavier than her size.

Boo Boo

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Miracle Mia: Baby born with cyst the size of a melon on her face

Gorgeous Mia Molyneux who was a cute baby and a miracle baby as well, because she was born with a huge cyst the size of a melon on the side of her face and survives life-saving surgery. It was bigger than her head, and weighed half as much as she did.

Miracle Mia, Baby born with cyst the size of a melon on her face

Baby born with cyst the size of a melon on her face

Michaela, 20 years old who was a mother of Mia found out that she was pregnant and she was so eager to find out the sex of her baby through scan tests. However, the first-time mum was told her baby had a huge swelling on the side of her face and it was expected she’d be born with severe disabilities. As a result Michaela was advised to terminate the pregnancy but she rejected it and wanting to give her unborn baby a chance.

So Michaela was booked in for a C-section at Liverpool Women's Hospital, and 18 doctors and nurses were in the room when Mia was born. She was hurried to intensive care after her lung collapsed minutes after birth.

Mia after the surgery

Though, little Mia was only six days old when doctors determined to operate and warned Michaela that the surgery was risky, saying if she started bleeding she might not live. She incredibly survived after the nine hours of exhausting surgery to remove cyst on Mia’s face. During the surgery she was pumped full of 96 pints of blood to remain her tiny body alive. After the operation Mia was kept back in intensive care until she was permitted to go home at 20 weeks old.

Michaela said that “I was absolutely terrified when I found out Mia had something wrong with her. But when she was born I fell in love with her instantly. When I looked at her I saw my baby girl alive, not the growth.”

Miracle Mia with her mother

Further she said “It was absolutely heartbreaking to see her and not being able to hold her until she was 15 days old. Mia will be scarred for life but it’s a small price to pay. When her bandages came off after the surgery I used to still wrap her up in them when we went outside because I was worried what people would think. Now I don't, she's been through so much and I'm so proud of her.
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