Luxury Train in India

This is a news on a Luxury Train in India. You may be amazed on hearing a luxury train in India because as we have seen in media, most of the people travel in trains with lots of difficulties. Due to lack of space, people travel even in roof of the train as well as in the engine too. Further there are many railway accidents in India too.

But India is a country who depends on much tourism. So that they have built this train in attracting the foreign travelers.  Lets look some of those pictures.

Lets look at the interior of this Amazing Train

Sounds great huh? But look at the ordinary peoples facilities at trains. Look and compare the difference.

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Amazing Hotel of Pipes — Mexico

A new eco-hotel in Mexico made of concrete pipes makes it a good negosyo idea here in the Philippines. Combining the concept of pod-like hotel rooms, with the growing trend of eco-responsible tourism and the use of waste materials for construction, architects T3arc have created the 20 room Tubohotel made from recycled concrete pipes. As you can see in the picture above it also looks good and enticing to sleep in there.

Inspired by dasparkhotel which opened in Germany in 2006, T3arc have extended the concept by stacking pipes to form two mini pyramids with ladders to access the upper level. Located 45 minutes south of Mexico City, T3arc completed the project in three months, furnishing the 2.44m by 3.5m pipes with a queen-size bed, desk light and fan, with space for under bed storage. Unlike dasparkhotel which operates a pay-as-you-wish system, rooms at Tubohotel are priced at USD 42 a night, which they hope will attract backpackers and those looking for alternative and unique accommodation that won’t break the bank. Unfortunately the cement pipe doesn’t allow for bathroom facilities, but there are two communal bathhouses onsite with private showers.

Both Tubohotel and dasparkhotel have explored the possibilities of using unwanted construction materials in natural surroundings to create hotels that are cheap and quick to build, better for the environment and boast the benefits of affordability and a quirky experience for visitors. This is a nice inspiration for us here in the Philippines. Great to put up along highways for travelers.

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World's Largest Mouth Holder

Francisco Domingo Joaquim, 21-year-old year Angolan has earned the title of “world’s widest mouth” who is known as the Angolan Jaw of Awe

Francisco, known as Chiquinho, had become an Internet sensation about two years ago, when videos of his incredible mouth stunts became viral on Youtube, but scouts of the Guinness Book of Records just recently managed to track hm down, in his Angola hometown. His jaw-dropping tricks have been viewed thousands of times, earning Francisco quite a reputation as the man with the world’s largest mouth.

Even more amazing is the fact that despite putting a Coke can in his mouth every day, and having never been to a dentist, his teeth are perfectly healthy. Joaquim  easily won the contest and thanks to his rubbery 16.99 cm wide mouth, he also became the man with the world’s largest mouth, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

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