World's Third Smallest Baby is ready for the New Year

Melinda Star Guido, who was recently born at Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center is now ready for this Christmas. She came into the world 16 weeks early on Aug. 30, and weighed a total of 270 grams. She was born premature and her original arrival was set to be on 15th December 2011.

Melinda is being closely monitored at the hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and her doctor, Dr. Rangasamy Ramanathan, chief of the neonatology section at County USC Medical Center, said that "she is growing and thriving.'' Further he stated that he was worried if this baby was going to make it at first. Each day passed by, they saw that the improvements of little Melinda.

She was originally weighing less than a can of soda and roughly the same as two iPhones and now she has come up with 4.12 pounds.  She’s in her last stretch of her hospital stay as her parents unfortunately will not have her home in time for Christmas. But come 2012, Melinda will finally come home.

Amillia Taylor was the earliest record holder with 10 ounces weight.
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