A Baby Born with Six Legs in Karachchi

A baby with six legs born in Sukkur, Pakistan few days ago. According to the doctors the premature baby was taken to Karachchi for further medical treatments. The babies parents told that they are not in a position to take care of this child as they are really poor.

Imran Sheikh, the father of the six legged baby appealed to the government to help then for the treatments of the child. Then the Sindh Govener directed the officials to ensure the assistance and support for the treatments of the child.

Director of National Institute of Child Health (NICH), Dr. Jamal Raza stated that the para normal child having 6 legs is not a single baby instead there are two children in one body and one of them is pre mature. He further stated that the surgeons will examine the current status of the baby and will decide whether they will go for an operation or not.

Here are some pictures of the six legged baby.

Dr Salim said that, “Any decision for the disassociation of the extra limbs can be taken only after knowing the functions and status of the internal organs and pelvis of the child,” But they have kept hopes on this six legged little one.

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