Miniature Bikes Models Made from Watches

Have you ever thought of making toy vehicles from your unusable watches? It's time for you to have a look on some of the amazing designs made by Dmitriy Khristenkho, a 40-year-old Ukrainian artist. He creates intricate miniature models of motorcycles using component originating from watches.

Khristenkho carefully breaks up the watches, shaping each part using a grindstone to ensure they are all the perfect size and shape before spending hours painstakingly gluing each component by hand. According to him each motorcycle can take anything up to roughly 50 hours to complete. The complex creations sell for more than £300 each, with demand for personalized bespoke models rising.

Look at the amazing designs made by Dmitriy Khristenkho.

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Rick Peterson said...

Such a great work. They seem very adorable and I like all of it, especially the car models. Thank you for sharing it to us and I love watching the pictures of it.

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