World's Fastest Clapper : Hits 14 Claps per second

Kent French- a Geniuine guy, superior spouse, and extraordinary father- has formed his own skillfulness for clapping.  He composed his single communication with awful agility and living to set the experience's save for the most claps in one minute. It is an staggering 721 times in 60 seconds!

That's roughly a rate of 12 claps per second. Ever thought of 12 claps in a second? Just have a look at the below video.


County can 'Speed Clap' over 14 claps per second, but for longer periods, much as a minute, he averages 12-13 claps per second.  A warm-up period of an hour seems to work him most optimum claps per second.According to him, it is a painful experience to clap at this rate for an entire minute.

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I would hate to have been the one to count that.

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