The World’s Longest Female Tongue Holder

Can you believe that there's a woman with a tongue measuring 9.75 cm (3.8 inches) from tip to top lip. Yes. Having a 9.75 cm long tongue nearly which is double form the normal size is incredible. Her name is Chanel Tapper, a student who lives in California, USA. She is the current world record holder for the world’s longest female tongue.

Tapper’s record breaking tongue is around the same length as an iPhone. She told that it's her normal tongue and she was born with it. First she realized that she has a long tongue when she was eight years old from a photograph. The photograph was taken when Tapper and her mom went out for the Halloween. After the photos were printed she noticed that she had a longue tongue compared to others. But it became apparent in her middle school when more people commenting on it.

World's longest female tongue

Tapper always keep conscious on her long tongue as some people think it is nasty. Some girls and women scream when they see it. But for most people it's a rare experience and they ask Tapper to show it again and again.

She was excited when she found out that she was appeared in the Guinness world record book. Further she mentioned that she is happy because there are some people that only remember her because of her long tongue.

Tapper's longest female tongueTapper showing her long tongue

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Oh,how can she close her mouth?!!!

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It''s quite impressive.

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