Female with the Longest Fingernails - Chris “The Dutchess” Walton

The 45 year old rock singer from Las Vegas namely as Chris “The Dutchess” Walton holds the 2012 Guinness World Records for having 19 feet, 9 inches long of nails on both hands. Long measure 10 feet 2 inches on her left hand and 9 feet 7 inches on her right hand. She stopped cutting her nails 19 years ago and carefully manicured them to reach a total length.

Fingernails of 19 feet 9 inches long

There’s no doubt that we all have a same question to ask from her, how she can do her day to day work with these long fingernails. Chris gave a nice reply for this question when in an interview with New York Daily news. She said “It’s kind of like a body part I was born with and now I don’t know what I would do without them”.


Also she claims that that the nails do not create an inconvenience and that she can cook, clean, drive and wash with ease with 5 children at home. She even text using her knuckles and even play the piano and use the computer with the nails. The only problem she has encountered is that she has to adjust her clothing to get her nails. Further she said that she didn't grow her nails deliberately to set a Guinness record because she liked the way nails looked the day she stopped cutting her nails and let they just kept growing. She lost a nail once, when fixing her car engine on the freeway, and otherwise has no trouble leading a normal life.

Chris Walton playing Piano

Chris Walton Using Laptop

The previous female record holder for the longest nails was Lee Redmond of Salt Lake City. Her nails measured a combined total 28 feet in 2008 but she lost her nails in a car crash in 2009.

Melvin Booth, an American consider as a male owner of the world's longest fingernails with 29 feet, 8 inches long fingernails. He passed away in 2009.

Longest fingernail holding Man and Woman together

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