Miniature Bikes Models Made from Watches

Have you ever thought of making toy vehicles from your unusable watches? It's time for you to have a look on some of the amazing designs made by Dmitriy Khristenkho, a 40-year-old Ukrainian artist. He creates intricate miniature models of motorcycles using component originating from watches.

Khristenkho carefully breaks up the watches, shaping each part using a grindstone to ensure they are all the perfect size and shape before spending hours painstakingly gluing each component by hand. According to him each motorcycle can take anything up to roughly 50 hours to complete. The complex creations sell for more than £300 each, with demand for personalized bespoke models rising.

Look at the amazing designs made by Dmitriy Khristenkho.

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Top 10 Most Walkable Cities in the United States


Population: 2.14 million
% commute by walking: 2.8%
% commute by mass transit: 5.9%
Average commute: 25.3 minutes
Number of parks: 39.5

09.Providence, RI

Population: 1.62 million
% commute by walking: 3.2%
% commute by mass transit: 2.5%
Average commute: 22.3 minutes
Number of parks: 54.2

08. Chicago, IL

Population: 7.9 million
% commute by walking: 3.2%
% commute by mass transit: 12.8%
Average commute: 33.7 minutes
Number of parks: 160

07. Philadelphia, PA

Population: 3.9 million
% commute by walking: 4.5%
% commute by mass transit: 12.1%
Average commute: 30.6 minutes
Number of parks: 36

06. Honolulu, HI

Population: 914,163
% commute by walking: 5.4%
% commute by mass transit: 8.3%
Average commute: 30.5 minutes
Number of parks: 46

05. Washington, DC

Population: 4.2 million
% commute by walking: 3.1%
% commute by mass transit: 11.3%
Average commute: 35.9 minutes
Number of parks: 106

04. Seattle, WA

Population: 2.5 million
% commute by walking: 3.2%
% commute by mass transit: 7.9%
Average commute: 30.1 minutes
Number of parks: 23

03. New York, NY

Population: 11.5 million
% commute by walking: 8.4%
% commute by mass transit: 42.4%
Average commute: 38 minutes
Number of parks: 242

02. Boston, MA

Population: 3.2 million
% commute by walking: 5%
% commute by mass transit: 12.5%
Average commute: 31 minutes
Number of parks: 29

01. San Francisco, CA

Population: 1.7 million
% commute by walking: 5.7%
% commute by mass transit: 18.2%
Average commute: 34.1 minutes
Number of parks: 71.4

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A Baby Born with Six Legs in Karachchi

A baby with six legs born in Sukkur, Pakistan few days ago. According to the doctors the premature baby was taken to Karachchi for further medical treatments. The babies parents told that they are not in a position to take care of this child as they are really poor.

Imran Sheikh, the father of the six legged baby appealed to the government to help then for the treatments of the child. Then the Sindh Govener directed the officials to ensure the assistance and support for the treatments of the child.

Director of National Institute of Child Health (NICH), Dr. Jamal Raza stated that the para normal child having 6 legs is not a single baby instead there are two children in one body and one of them is pre mature. He further stated that the surgeons will examine the current status of the baby and will decide whether they will go for an operation or not.

Here are some pictures of the six legged baby.

Dr Salim said that, “Any decision for the disassociation of the extra limbs can be taken only after knowing the functions and status of the internal organs and pelvis of the child,” But they have kept hopes on this six legged little one.
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Top 10 Earthquakes from 1990

According to the Wikipedia an earthquake (also known as a quake, tremor or temblor) is the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust that creates seismic waves. The richter magnitude/scale is the most common scale on which earthquakes larger than approximately 5 are reported for the entire globe.

top ten earthquakes

At the Earth's surface, earthquakes makes themselves by shaking and sometimes displacement of the ground. When the epicenter of a large earthquake is located offshore, the seabed may be displaced sufficiently to cause a tsunami. Earthquakes can also trigger landslides, and occasionally volcanic activity.

The top ten earthquakes are listed below from 1990.

1. Chile May 22, 1960 9.5
2. Prince William Sound, Alaska March 28, 1964 9.2
3. Andreanof Islands, Alaska March 9, 1957 9.1
4. Kamchatka Nov. 4, 1952 9.0
5. Off western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia Dec. 26, 2004 9.0
6. Off the Coast of Ecuador Jan. 31, 1906 8.8
7. Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands Feb. 4, 1965 8.7
8. Northern Sumatra, Indonesia March 28, 2005 8.7
9. Off the coast of Indonesia Apr. 11, 2012 8.7
10. India-China Border Aug. 15, 1950 8.6

Recently many earthquakes gave alerts on tsunami waves as in 2004 it made huge death count in all over the world. The picture below explains how the tsunami waves occur after an earthquake.

how tsunami occurs

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Shortest Person Ever Born

Chandra Bahadur Dangi, a 72 year man from Nepal was named as the World's Shortest person ever recorded. The recorded height of Dangi was only 21.5 inches. That means 44.6 centimeters.

Some photos of Dangi are attached below. See how short Dangi is.

Dangi lives in Rhimkholi, a remote mountain village about 250 miles west of it's capital Kathmandu. He has got five brothers in his family. But the others are on average height. Though he seems to be immature, he hadn't got any serious illness for his lifetime. He has never gone to a doctor.  When he talked with the media he insisted that he has no idea on getting married or having a family of his own. With this new record, he's planning to meet the Prime Minister of Nepal. That is one of his intentions.

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