"Boo Boo", the World’s Smallest Living Dog

Almost all the dogs are smaller, when they are born. But here in this post I'm going to introduce you a fully grown dog, who is known as the world's smallest dog named as Boo Boo.

World’s smallest living dog – Boo Boo

Smallest living dog

Boo Boo, a female long coated Chihuahua, of just 4 inches (10.16 cm) tall and a weight of 1.5 pounds (675 g) has been titled the smallest living dog in the world by height by the Guinness Book of World Records.
Boo Boo’s owned by Lana Elswick of Raceland, Kentucky, United States. Lana Elswick said that Boo Boo was born in April 15, 2006 and she was the size of her thumb when she was born. Further she added "She has the attitude of a big dog she would let me know if anyone was around and she would try to guard me if she could". According to the Lana Boo Boo’s favorite food are Lays potato chips.

Boo Bo with his owner Lana Elswick

Boo Boo with tallest living dog

Boo Boo hasn't got much bigger since being born a year ago, weighing just 42.5 grams (1.5 ounces). So raising her would be a big challenge, she said. Boo Boo almost died twice. “So many little dogs get hypoglycemia,” Elswick said. “There’s a product called Pet Nutra drops and this is the stuff that brought her right back around. When you squirt this into their mouth it goes directly into their blood stream.”

However, Boo Boo could hold a big title as the world’s smallest dog which is much heavier than her size.

Boo Boo

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Miracle Mia: Baby born with cyst the size of a melon on her face

Gorgeous Mia Molyneux who was a cute baby and a miracle baby as well, because she was born with a huge cyst the size of a melon on the side of her face and survives life-saving surgery. It was bigger than her head, and weighed half as much as she did.

Miracle Mia, Baby born with cyst the size of a melon on her face

Baby born with cyst the size of a melon on her face

Michaela, 20 years old who was a mother of Mia found out that she was pregnant and she was so eager to find out the sex of her baby through scan tests. However, the first-time mum was told her baby had a huge swelling on the side of her face and it was expected she’d be born with severe disabilities. As a result Michaela was advised to terminate the pregnancy but she rejected it and wanting to give her unborn baby a chance.

So Michaela was booked in for a C-section at Liverpool Women's Hospital, and 18 doctors and nurses were in the room when Mia was born. She was hurried to intensive care after her lung collapsed minutes after birth.

Mia after the surgery

Though, little Mia was only six days old when doctors determined to operate and warned Michaela that the surgery was risky, saying if she started bleeding she might not live. She incredibly survived after the nine hours of exhausting surgery to remove cyst on Mia’s face. During the surgery she was pumped full of 96 pints of blood to remain her tiny body alive. After the operation Mia was kept back in intensive care until she was permitted to go home at 20 weeks old.

Michaela said that “I was absolutely terrified when I found out Mia had something wrong with her. But when she was born I fell in love with her instantly. When I looked at her I saw my baby girl alive, not the growth.”

Miracle Mia with her mother

Further she said “It was absolutely heartbreaking to see her and not being able to hold her until she was 15 days old. Mia will be scarred for life but it’s a small price to pay. When her bandages came off after the surgery I used to still wrap her up in them when we went outside because I was worried what people would think. Now I don't, she's been through so much and I'm so proud of her.
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The World's Oldest Person - Dina Manfredini

Dina Manfredini from Des Moines, Iowa, USA was officially making known as the world oldest living person according to the world’s Guinness records 2012. She was in 115 year old when she places this world record.


World's oldest person - Dina Manfredini titled in age 115

Manfredini was born in Italy on April 4th, 1897 who was primarily a mother and homemaker, but had taken a job later time cleaning houses up until the age of 90. She came to the U.S. with her husband, Riccardo in 1920 and they raised four children, before Riccardo died in 1965.

"I'm old, old lady, but I work. Work hard. I like work," she said. Dina lived independently until she was 110 years old, when she then reposition to a nursing home in Johnston, Iowa.

World's oldest person - Dina Manfredini

Members of the world’s record committee confirmed that Dina Manfredini is the only verified Italian person to have arrived at the age of 115 in familiar history.

The previous Guinness World Record carried by Besse Cooper of Georgia but she passed away at the age of 116. Dina Manfredini was the second oldest person on record, so she will now obtain the title.


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The Longest Interval between birth of Twins - 87 Days Apart

Irish twins Amy and Katie have been called as "Miracles" because they are set for the Guinness Book of Records after they were incredibly born 87 days apart. The twin girls are now to set the Guinness World Record for the "longest interval between the birth of twins".

Longest Interval between birth of Twins – 87 Days Apart (Amy and Katie )

Amy and Katie with mother Maria Jones-Elliott

Maria Jones-Elliott, 34, gave birth to her twin daughter Amy three months early, June 1, 2012 who weighed just 1lb 3oz but her next twin daughter Katie who weighed 5lb 10oz was not born until August 27, 2012 almost three months later. (Another 87 days)

Doctors have told Ms Jones-Elliot and her husband, Chris, they have achieved the medical equivalent of winning the lottery after both girls survived.

Amy and Katie - Longest Interval between birth of Twins

Maria, who has two other children, told how she was ragged between joy and worry after Amy’s dangerously early arrival as Katie stayed in her womb, clinging to survival.

“I call the girls our little miracles,” she said. “As I held Amy for the first time I stroked my bump and prayed to God. I just wanted my girls to be together and safe and well. “Usually you experience nothing but joy at the birth of a new baby, but it was so achingly bitter-sweet as both of their lives hung in the balance.

Further she said “Amy was fighting for life in an incubator and Katie was struggling to survive in my womb. It was the hardest three months of our lives. But Chris kept saying, ‘Where there’s life there’s hope.”

Amy and Katie with their family members

Amy and Katie with their sister and brother

The previous Guinness world record for longest interval between birth of twins was set by Peggy Lynn of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, Lynn gave birth to her twin girl and boy, Hanna and Eric, 84 days apart between the years of 1995 and 1996.
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"Sponge Bob", The World’s Fattest Cat

A cat named as “Sponge Bob”, New York, USA, sets a world record as a “Fattest cat" or "The World's Heaviest Cat”. He's nine-years-old and weighs an incredible 30 pounds, the same as a four year old child.

Sponge_Bob_33-lb Cat

Sponge Bob

Two months ago, Sponge Bob’s previous owner went into hospice and left the nine-year-old cat with Animal Haven, a non-profit cat and dog shelter on Centre Street in Soho.

Kendra Mara, Animal Haven's associate director, said "Sponge Bob came to us when his owner went into a nursing home. "We opened up the carrier and about ten to 15 people stood around staring at him for quite a long time, because he's the largest cat we've ever seen.  "We don't know how he became so big. We can only guess that his owner, because he was ill, was feeding him dry food on a regular basis, maybe just leaving it out, so he was able to eat whenever he wanted."

Sponge Bob in Animal Haven

World’s Living Fattest Cat - Sponge Bob

She said further "It is pretty abnormal for a cat to be able to get this big. But he has had blood work and doesn't have hyperthyroidism or anything so it appears to be just from eating."

He’s so big he can’t clean himself and struggles to walk. Dedicated staff at Animal Haven in New York came up with exercises to encourage Sponge Bob to move, helping him shed 3lbs in just two months.

Sponge Bob now belongs to Courtney and Matthew Farrell, a young newlywed couple living on the Upper East Side. Mrs. Farrell said that she and her husband started to play with the idea of getting a cat once they were married. When reading about the Sponge Bob they believed that they had found the perfect match.

Sponge Bob with his new owners

“We’re going to whip him into shape,” promised Mr. Farrell when asked about the cat’s health. He and his wife both exercise regularly and believe in promoting healthy lifestyles.

The previous record holder was Meow, a 2-year-old orange and white tabby tips the scale at 39.1 pounds (nearly 18kg) a weight that is equal to a 600 pound human who died of pulmonary failure.

The previous record holder - Meow
Meow - Fattest cat
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