The Longest Interval between birth of Twins - 87 Days Apart

Irish twins Amy and Katie have been called as "Miracles" because they are set for the Guinness Book of Records after they were incredibly born 87 days apart. The twin girls are now to set the Guinness World Record for the "longest interval between the birth of twins".

Longest Interval between birth of Twins – 87 Days Apart (Amy and Katie )

Amy and Katie with mother Maria Jones-Elliott

Maria Jones-Elliott, 34, gave birth to her twin daughter Amy three months early, June 1, 2012 who weighed just 1lb 3oz but her next twin daughter Katie who weighed 5lb 10oz was not born until August 27, 2012 almost three months later. (Another 87 days)

Doctors have told Ms Jones-Elliot and her husband, Chris, they have achieved the medical equivalent of winning the lottery after both girls survived.

Amy and Katie - Longest Interval between birth of Twins

Maria, who has two other children, told how she was ragged between joy and worry after Amy’s dangerously early arrival as Katie stayed in her womb, clinging to survival.

“I call the girls our little miracles,” she said. “As I held Amy for the first time I stroked my bump and prayed to God. I just wanted my girls to be together and safe and well. “Usually you experience nothing but joy at the birth of a new baby, but it was so achingly bitter-sweet as both of their lives hung in the balance.

Further she said “Amy was fighting for life in an incubator and Katie was struggling to survive in my womb. It was the hardest three months of our lives. But Chris kept saying, ‘Where there’s life there’s hope.”

Amy and Katie with their family members

Amy and Katie with their sister and brother

The previous Guinness world record for longest interval between birth of twins was set by Peggy Lynn of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, Lynn gave birth to her twin girl and boy, Hanna and Eric, 84 days apart between the years of 1995 and 1996.

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