"Sponge Bob", The World’s Fattest Cat

A cat named as “Sponge Bob”, New York, USA, sets a world record as a “Fattest cat" or "The World's Heaviest Cat”. He's nine-years-old and weighs an incredible 30 pounds, the same as a four year old child.

Sponge_Bob_33-lb Cat

Sponge Bob

Two months ago, Sponge Bob’s previous owner went into hospice and left the nine-year-old cat with Animal Haven, a non-profit cat and dog shelter on Centre Street in Soho.

Kendra Mara, Animal Haven's associate director, said "Sponge Bob came to us when his owner went into a nursing home. "We opened up the carrier and about ten to 15 people stood around staring at him for quite a long time, because he's the largest cat we've ever seen.  "We don't know how he became so big. We can only guess that his owner, because he was ill, was feeding him dry food on a regular basis, maybe just leaving it out, so he was able to eat whenever he wanted."

Sponge Bob in Animal Haven

World’s Living Fattest Cat - Sponge Bob

She said further "It is pretty abnormal for a cat to be able to get this big. But he has had blood work and doesn't have hyperthyroidism or anything so it appears to be just from eating."

He’s so big he can’t clean himself and struggles to walk. Dedicated staff at Animal Haven in New York came up with exercises to encourage Sponge Bob to move, helping him shed 3lbs in just two months.

Sponge Bob now belongs to Courtney and Matthew Farrell, a young newlywed couple living on the Upper East Side. Mrs. Farrell said that she and her husband started to play with the idea of getting a cat once they were married. When reading about the Sponge Bob they believed that they had found the perfect match.

Sponge Bob with his new owners

“We’re going to whip him into shape,” promised Mr. Farrell when asked about the cat’s health. He and his wife both exercise regularly and believe in promoting healthy lifestyles.

The previous record holder was Meow, a 2-year-old orange and white tabby tips the scale at 39.1 pounds (nearly 18kg) a weight that is equal to a 600 pound human who died of pulmonary failure.

The previous record holder - Meow
Meow - Fattest cat

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