Girl Born With Eight Limbs

A woman named Poonam Tatma gave an incredible birth to an astonishing girl who has four arms and four legs (8 limbs) and two torsos fused at the hips in bihar region of northeast India, in October 2005. A new born baby was named as Lakshmi as her picture similar to the multi-limbed Hindu goddess named Lakshmi, who is worshiped as a deity of wealth and good fortune.

Lakshmi - A Girl born with 8 limbs

A girl born with 8 Limbs

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Sharan Patil, owner of the Sparsh Hospital in Bangalore, travelled to Lakshmi's remote village in 2007 to meet the child and offer her parents the chance of a lifetime to operate on her for free. That was a Lakshmi’s parents a great relief. Dr Bhairoon Singh Bhati stated that "The biggest difficulty caring for Lakshmi is that she's a unique case, there's never been a child like her before so we have nothing to refer back to".

8 limb little girl lakshmi

After an incredible 27-hour operation, with the contribution of more than 30 surgeons Lakshmi could reborn again by leading to a normal life. After leading to typical life Lakshmi has started school Under Dr Bhati's guidance.

Lakshmi with her father

Her father Shambu, said, “I believe with all my heart that Lakshmi is indeed a goddess. The operation removed her extra legs so that she can lead a normal life but she is not a normal child”.

Her mother Poonam said that “When I think of the way she was, never in a million years would Lakshmi have been able to go to school or have the life she does today”.

What we can do for this amazing girl Lakshmi is wishing her a very healthy and joyful life ahead.

Lakshmi before and after the operation

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A Man Who Has a Nose Grown On His Forehead

Can you imagine a man who has a nose grown on his forehead? I don’t think you might have ever thought of it. But here’s a real man who had a new nose grown on his forehead.

A Chinese man, Xiaolian, went through a weird experience of having a forehead nose after having severely damaged his original nose in a car accident in 2012. Because the cartilage in the nose was destroyed, doctors found that it’s impossible to repair his original nose.


So that the doctors came up with the idea to grow the new nose by placing a skin tissue expander on his forehead to create the shape, and planted cartilage from his ribs to produce the structure under the supervision of Dr. David Cangello, a plastic surgeon at Lenox Hill hospital, New York. Dr. David Cangello stated that “We typically take cartilage from the rib, and we put it right where the nose structure would already be, and we bring the skin flap over it and cover it.” Xiaolian's new nose was created by medical staff at hospital in Fuzhou, Fujian province.

nose grown on his forehead

Shehan Hettiaratchy, who is a Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Imperial College, said that, "The forehead is a traditional place to get extra tissue from to rebuild a nose. The skin from there is a good match for nose skin. Most importantly, the forehead skin can be moved to the nose and keep its blood supply, which is essential otherwise the skin would die."

Doctors said the Xiaolian's nose will be most vulnerable during the 18 months after it is transplanted. But now his new nose is ready for transplant surgery in the near future.

Xiaolian - a new nose grown on forehead

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