World’s smallest waist holder (Living person) - Cathie Jung

This post is all about the World's Smallest Waist holder. The smallest waist belongs to Cathie Jung, 7o years old, USA and her tiny corseted waist measures just 15 inches (38cm) and Un-corseted, it measures 21 inches (53.34 cm), making her figure distinctly hourglass.

World’s living smallest waist holder - Cathie Jung

cathie who has a smallest waist

Cathie Jung's amazing midriff is not an outcome of any disorder. Rather, her figure is a creation of spending the last 25 years laced into tight corsets, which are removed, only when Cathie showers. Only when the weather is terribly hot, the corset is taken off for a short while. She has worn tight-fitting corsets for years to become the woman with the world's smallest waist.

Cathie Jung - living smallest waist holder

cathie- Jung

"I even have a special swimming costume with a corset sewn in it, so I can still go to the beach. And I am still able to do housework and I probably have around 100 of them," says the corset queen.

She is the mother of three children and married to Bob, an orthopedic surgeon.

The previous record holder was Ethel Granger, Chesterton who had a waist of just 13 inches. She died in 1982 and after that Cathie Jung could named as the World’s living smallest waist holder in the Guinness Book of World Records.

known as the worlds smallest waist - Ethal Ganger

ethel granger previous record holder
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